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Is Databricks Certification worth?

Databricks Certification

Databricks offers several certifications that validate your skills and knowledge in working with their data analytics and machine learning platform. The value of a Databricks certification depends on your individual goals and circumstances. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Career advancement: If you are working or planning to work in the field of data analytics or data science, having a Databricks certification can enhance your resume and demonstrate your expertise in using their platform. Obtaining a Databricks certification can set you apart from other candidates when you apply for jobs or aim for promotions within your organization.
  • Industry recognition: Databricks is a widely recognized and respected platform in the data analytics and machine learning space. A Databricks certification is an industry-recognized credential that verifies your expertise and proficiency in working with their platform, which may be valuable to potential employers.
  • Learning opportunity: The process of preparing for a Databricks certification exam can be a valuable learning experience. It often requires studying the platform’s features, understanding best practices, and gaining practical experience with data analytics and machine learning workflows. Even if you don’t ultimately pursue the certification, the knowledge gained during the preparation can still benefit your career.
  • Cost and time commitment: Consider the cost and time required to obtain the certificate. Databricks certifications typically involve an exam that you need to pass, which may require investing time and effort in studying and practicing with the platform. Additionally, there may be costs associated with training materials or exam fees. Evaluate whether the investment aligns with your career goals and budget.
  • Relevance to your work: Assess whether Databricks certification aligns with your current or future work responsibilities. Certificate can provide a comprehensive understanding of the platform’s capabilities and advanced features if you are already using Databricks extensively in your job or plan to do so.

Ultimately, the value of a Databricks certification is contingent upon several factors that influence its alignment with your career aspirations, industry demand for Databricks skills, and your personal learning preferences. To make an informed decision, it is recommended that you thoroughly research the certification program, including its requirements and the benefits it offers.

Take the time to explore the specific advantages and relevance it holds for your professional goals. Seeking insights from professionals in your field or examining relevant job postings can provide valuable perspectives on the significance of Databricks certifications within your industry or job market. By gathering this information, you can assess the potential impact on your career trajectory and make a more confident decision.

Remember to consider your long-term goals, the investment in time and resources, and how the certification can enhance your knowledge and skills in the ever-evolving field of data analytics and machine learning.

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Is Databricks certification tough?

Compared to other certifications, this particular exam is comparatively more challenging. Over 80% of the questions in this exam consist of code snippets that require selecting multiple correct answers

What is the passing score for Databricks certification?

While the passing percentage for the actual exam is set at 70%, it is advisable to aim for a score >80% in each practice exam before attempting the real certification exam

How long is Databricks certification valid?

This certification is valid for 2 years.

Is Databricks certification free?

Through your Databricks Academy account(click here), you have full access to a range of complimentary customer training resources provided by Databricks. These resources include courses, recorded webinars, and quarterly product roadmap webinars, all available to explore and utilize. The certification is not free; however, you can get discounted voucher post attending some webinars.

What is ‘Data Engineer’ certification pathway?

Click Here for details.

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